Wendy Bradley MA, LLP - psychologist


Wendy Bradley Wendy has been a practicing psychologist since 1984. She started out working with developmentally disabled adults and children living in group homes, foster care and with their families. She has been a school psychologist with Lincoln Park Schools since 1986. Prior to working as a therapist at Apex Behavioral Health -Dearborn, she worked at the Center for Individual and Family Therapy from 2008-2011.

Degrees & Certifications

  • BA in Psychology, Wayne State University.
  • MA in School Psychology, University of Detroit.
  • Educational Specialist Degree, University of Detroit.
  • Educational Administration Endorsement on Masters Degree, Wayne State University.
  • Limited Licensed Psychologist & School Psychologist in the State of Michigan.

Target Population & Expertise

Children, adolescent, and adults with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and more.

Special Expertise

Working with children and adolescent who have difficultly in school especially those with ADHD.